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How much is the Château de Boulogne worth? Find out all about its value. 💡

It is with great excitement that we announce the official signing of the purchase of Château de Boulogne on Friday 12 April 2024.

This is a major new step in our collective project, which has every chance of following in the footsteps of La Mothe Chandeniers, whose value has increased 20-fold in 6 years.


How much will the Château de Boulogne be worth in the next few years?

This question comes up regularly in our discussions between co-Châtelains. We'd like to give you a detailed answer.

Since 2018, we have been able to demonstrate our expertise at Château de la Mothe Chandeniers, which has gone from strength to strength. Between acquisitions, major works, investment in new infrastructure, growth in sales and the creation of a powerful international brand, in just 6 years La Mothe Chandeniers has become a château with an international reputation.

This feat has been made possible by our community and the hard work of our operational teams. We can be proud of how far we've come in such a short space of time.


Boulogne in the footsteps of La Mothe Chandeniers!

The experiences of the past will create the great successes of tomorrow. We have every reason to hope that the Château de Boulogne will follow in the same successful footsteps as La Mothe Chandeniers.


So what will we do at Boulogne in the years to come? How much will the château be worth?

In order to accurately estimate its value, we have selected 4 criteria: the land and the brand (as current value), the goodwill, the works and the investments (as additional future value).


The value of the land and the brand is estimated at €1,300,000.

👉 The land is valued at €800,000.

The value of the land is made up of the château, outbuildings, park and woods.

It has remained relatively stable since the agreement to sell was signed in 2022.

👉 The brand is valued at €500,000.

The valuation of the Château de Boulogne brand is made up of the reputation of the château and goodwill (the difference between the acquisition price and the fair value of the acquired company).


The value of the business under development is estimated at €672,150.

The value of the business is made up of past and future sales over the next 5 years.

In 2024, the Château de Boulogne will launch its first tourist season, which will therefore serve as a development indicator for the coming years.

We have deliberately made conservative assumptions, which we hope to revise upwards at the end of this year, with estimated sales of €134,430.

This gives us: 134 430€ x 5 = 672 150€.


The value of future works and investments is estimated at €350,000. 

Future works and investments will depend on both our financial results in 2024 and the success of the current investment campaign.


We have 3 main objectives:

• Making the château safe: €200,000

• Interior improvements to the château: €300,000

• Exterior improvements to the estate: €200,000


The total value of future works and investments would therefore be €700,000. The standard generally requires works to be valued at 50% of their value. 

This value has not been taken into account in the current valuation of the château, as the work and investments have not yet begun. 

If the current campaign is a great success, this could have a very positive impact on the value of the château and therefore of each share.

Today, we estimate the value of the Château de Boulogne at €1,972,150.


By way of comparison, we estimate that the value of La Mothe Chandeniers will exceed €20 million in 2030. 

The difference between La Mothe and Boulogne can be explained by the 6-year lead taken by La Mothe Chandeniers and the 6 million euros invested in equity. 

We are convinced that Boulogne can achieve the same level of value if we have the capacity to invest in works over the coming months and years.


📈 Evolution of Boulogne's value.

Évolution de la valeur de Boulogne


How much will a share of Boulogne be worth? 💡

The value of a share is equal to the estimated total value of the Château de Boulogne (€1,972,150) divided by the total number of shares (18,163).

This gives: €1,972,150 / 18,163 = 108.58€

Each share is therefore currently valued at 108.58€.


📣 Last investment opportunity at €79 📣

To reflect this reality, the price of each share will rise in a few weeks' time from €79 to €99. 

This revaluation will be proposed both in the online campaign reserved for co-Châtelains and in the forthcoming campaign for the general public.

We will get back to you shortly with the official date of the revaluation.

If you wish to continue supporting the development of the Château de Boulogne before the revaluation, we invite you to discover the current operation launched a few weeks ago.

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